Road Map

Phase 1: Launch (4Q 2023)
  • In this phase, the cryptocurrency will be launched to the market.
  • Mining will commence.
Phase 2: Social and Listings (1Q-3Q 2024)
  • We will begin listing MNT on the first exchanges.
  • The first burning of MNT will take place.
  • An airdrop will be conducted.
Phase 3: DEX y VM (1Q 2025)
  • In this phase, the virtual machine and smart contracts will be implemented.
  • In this phase, the decentralized exchange will be developed.
Phase 4: dao y defi (1Q 2026)
  • In this phase, the DAO and decentralized finance (DeFi) services will be created.
Phase 5: Artificial Intelligence (1Q 2027)
  • In this phase, artificial intelligence will be integrated to enhance network security.
Phase 6: payment network (4Q 2028)
  • This will be the final phase of the project, where the payment network will be created, bridging the gap between the crypto universe and the fiat world