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History of MundoTeam

MundoTeam was born in 2003 out of people’s need to have a place to communicate freely. It was born as a community to give coverage to people with few resources, where more than a million users spoke openly, until censorship finally made the community had to close the forum and move to other media.

Now MundoTeam reinvents itself with a project dedicated to its community, fighting against censorship and the impositions of centralized entities. A project designed by and for the people, where everyone can have a tool that helps them improve their finances in a free and transparent way.


MundoTeam is an open source blockchain network, designed for the community to facilitate the financial life of its users.


The consensus protocol of the MundoTeam network is proof of work (PoW), where network nodes validate transactions and new MNT (MundoTeam coins) are generated with each block.


The following functionalities will be implemented in the Mundoteam application layer:
VM, smart contracts, DEX, DAO, security IA, payment network.

The Problem

Censorship is one of the greatest threats to freedom, democracy, and human rights worldwide. According to the 2023 Freedom House report, only 20% of the global population lives in countries with a free press.

Censorship manifests in various forms, including restriction, manipulation, disinformation, intimidation, or repression, and/or manipulation of media or social networks. It also extends to the financial realm, where traditional financial systems like banks, credit cards, or payment platforms are controlled by centralized entities that can block, freeze, confiscate, or trace users’ funds, without their consent or knowledge. These entities may also impose taxes, fees, exchange rates or transaction limits, which reduce the purchasing power and economic freedom of users.

Why MundoTeam?

MundoTeam (MNT) is the solution to the censorship problem that exists in the world. We have a completely decentralized system, free from any manipulation, and it will also include systems to facilitate tax evasion for its users.

Designed for the community

MundoTeam has been designed exclusively with people in mind, featuring user-friendly software, responsive web design, and other characteristics aimed at enhancing the user experience.



MundoTeam is a place where centralized entities cannot freeze your money, where they cannot impose excessive fees or charges—a place where your money is truly yours.


The MundoTeam blockchain generates approximately one block per minute, utilizing the Scrypt encryption algorithm for its robustness and security against attacks. Additionally, an AI will be added to significantly enhance the network’s security.

decentralized exchange (DEX)

A place where you can trade and/or earn returns on your money through decentralized financial services. No intermediaries.

payment network

A global payment network will be established to facilitate free trade and tax evasion, without centralized controls.

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